The Future of Strategic Social Media with SVP of Marketing for Sysomos, Amber Naslund

When social media emerged in 2007, businesses scrambled to figure out how and where it fit into their marketing. Eight years later, we’re wrestling with some of the same questions, and many new ones. How do we build a strategy that drives business results? What channels and media types should we care about and invest in? How does data figure into our decisions? How can social media make our entire business more successful? In this session we’ll look at some of the best practices in strategic social media success, what trends and media you need to pay attention to today, and how you can get ahead of what’s next in digital marketing.


Amber is the SVP Marketing for Sysomos, a global leader in social intelligence. She’s a seasoned communication strategist specializing in the new era of digital and social business. Her professional expertise spans nonprofit management, corporate communications, marketing, professional services, and social business strategy.She’s also the co­-author of The Now Revolution, and you can find her on Twitter at @ambercadabra.

Amber’s session was hosted by Sysomos, enjoy the video!

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