The Internet is Too Big for ‘Influence Marketing’ with Sam Fiorella – SMWi Toronto 2016

The massive adoption of Internet-based technologies, devices, and social media for information dissemination, gathering, and human interaction has outpaced the marketer’s ability to sway true measurable influence for the brand he or she represents in this medium. In short, the Internet is too big for influence marketing.

There is a reverse correlation between the size of a brand’s online community, the amount of branded content published, and the measurement of greater impressions and reach with a marketer’s ability to measurably affect a business’ bottom line.


Sam is a father of 2 who participates in multiple ventures as an entrepreneur, author, professor of marketing, and mental health advocate. He currently holds the position of CMO at his agency called Sensei Marketing. He is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Yellow is for Hello, a Canadian not-for-profit agency focused on student mental health education and advocacy.

Sam’s talk is a must-attend event for business executives, sales and marketing professionals, and social media practitioners alike.

Sam’s talk was hosted by Sensei Marketing, enjoy!

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