#WeTheNorm: A Conversation with Councillor Norm Kelly

It has been said that millennials, brands and social media marketers could all learn a thing or two from 74 year-old city Councillor Norm Kelly. His twitter presence has taken Toronto by storm and even captured the attention of followers around the world. Since 2014, “Norm” has made headlines for his surprising, funny and culturally on-point tweet which has resulted in a skyrocketing following and engagement unmatched by any other city councillor in the world.

For the first time ever, Norm will take the stage for a candid one-on-one conversation with SMWi Toronto Executive Director, Michelle Pinchev, to talk about the secret to his Social Media Success, using Social for Social good and what’s next for the tweeting septuagenarian.


Norman “Norm” Kelly is a city councillor in Toronto, Ontario representing one of two municipal wards that make up the jurisdiction of Scarborough–Agincourt. Studying Canadian political history at the University of Western Ontario, Norm has an extensive background in Canadian politics including post-graduate studies at both Carleton and Queen’s University. More recently, Norm has embedded his character in Toronto culture by morphing into the #6Dad – a street-savvy, friend of Drake who spouts rap lyrics on Twitter – inspiring worship from millennials around the world.


Michelle Pinchev is the Executive Director of SMWi Toronto, bringing Social Media Week back to Toronto in 2016. She is also the founder of Pinch Social, a boutique social media and content marketing agency in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment and design district, with the goal of helping businesses reach people across demographics and interests. Michelle is a passionate community organizer, involved in Open Roof Festival and Jane’s Walk as well as her Toronto lifestyle and culture blog, City by Heart. In her spare time, she can be found exploring the city with her husband Pat and dog Bubbles.



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