What’s Happening: Day Two – BrainStation/Brightlane

8:45-9:30am: Ashlee Froese & Heather Bell
9:30-10:15am: Sean Stanleigh & Aletta Brandle
10:30-11:15am: The Garden
11:20-12:00pm: Saif Ajani
11:20-12:00pm: Podcasts @ BrightLane
12:10-12:50pm: Rashel Hariri @ BrightLane
1:00-1:45pm: Stewart Reynolds, Lauren O’Neil & Savannah Jones
1:00-1:35pm: Mark Lesiw
1:45-2:30pm: Elle Bulger, Kenzie Brenna, Jesse Hayman, Kayley Reed & Jenna Jacobson
2:45-3:30pm: Future of Customer Support
3:35-4:20pm: Jeremy Singer, Matthew Tierney, Sav Patel & Veronica Watson


8:45am, Ashlee Froese & Heather Bell – “Digital Marketing Law and Regulations: The New Reality

This session will shed light on recent changes regarding compliance and transparency in email and influencer marketing. A must for brand managers, digital marketers, content creators and PR professionals. Attendees will learn about topical matters such as:

  • Disclosure rules within Digital Influencer Marketing
  • Understanding the bite behind CASL
  • Preparing for the next phase in CASL

9:30am, Sean Stanleigh & Aletta Brandle – “The Rise of Paid Social

Is organic social still a valuable tool in a brand-marketer’s toolkit? The answer is no. And yes. Sort of. Social-media channels have become less effective for brands that choose to keep their wallets shut. Strategic paid-social campaigns are now required to achieve significant reach. This session will outline how to optimize paid-social campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and how to supplement paid reach with organic posts.

10:30am, The Garden – #TellAmericaItsGreat – Inside One of the Biggest Social Media Campaigns in Canadian History

A small, scrappy new creative agency based in Toronto was looking south of the border for new clients. Meanwhile,  Americans (and people around the world) were gripped by a contentious U.S. presidential election. As the “race to the bottom” continued, The Garden responded with a fun and heartfelt campaign that made so much noise, it got the attention of some of the biggest media outlets around the world – and Jimmy Kimmel.

11:20am, Saif Ajani – “AI and Social Media: Disruptor, Facilitator or Fad?

More than 3,000 tweets have been created surrounding machine learning and social in the last 30 days.

As #fakenews, bots, and (*gulp*) self-proclaimed “thought leaders” continue to vie for timeline attention, it’s harder than ever for social marketing professionals to forecast what innovations will make a meaningful impact on PR and marketing.

Saif Ajani, CEO of Keyhole, will lead a fireside chat regarding AI and the ways it will (and, importantly, won’t) impact advertising, PR and social media industries and professions in the next two years.


11:20am, “Podcasts – Soundbites from the Pros” @BrightLane

Podcast audiences continued to grow exponentially in 2017, with the number of people listening to podcasts more than doubling over the past decade. Along with an increasing number of listeners, the podcast medium has also captured the attention of brands and creators alike.

Companies have begun to invest significantly into audio, both as an advertising platform as well as a content marketing opportunity. Is it worth the investment? What demographics are tuning in to podcasts, and will these audiences continue to expand and grow?

In this panel, hear from accomplished creators and experts in branded podcasts as they share their experiences and take on the future of podcasts.

12:10pm, Rashel Hariri: “For the Love of Fries: Building Brand Love with McDonald’s” @BrightLane

McDonald’s Canada is sharing a case study on its recent National French Fry Day campaign devised to build brand love and engagement with Millennials and Gen Z using its World Famous Fries as the anchor. This case was created to showcase show how to build brand love, while meeting business objectives.

1:00pm, Stewart Reynolds, Lauren O’Neil & Savannah Jones: “Social Video Trends & Best Practices in 2017 and Beyond

Hear from video gurus including family-friendly comedic content creator Brittlestar (Stewart Reynolds), YouTube star Savannah and Stuff’s Savannah Jones and Host/Mega-Influencer Lauren O’Neil. We’ll explore all that brands, marketers and creators need to know about what people are watching on social in 2017, and where video is going in 2018.

Moderated by Pinch Social’s lead strategist + SMW Toronto Executive Director, Michelle Pinchev.

1:00pm, Mark Lesiw: “Tracking Social Conversations Onto Phone Calls and Getting Credit For It

As the world becomes more digital, more automated and more personalized, expectations for consistent multi-channel experiences increase. As one of those channels, social media is a critical part of your sales and service team’s success. Forrester release a study that showed “marketers are managing an average of eight channels — both online and offline, and yet, the most effective channel for conversions, increasing spend and realizing higher retention is still the phone call”.

In this presentation, Mark Lesiw will describe why you should include phone calls as a call to action, outline the related shifts in customer expectations, the challenges with attributing phone calls to social media sources, and why this an important marketing blind spot to address. Mark will then walk through ways to leverage data with your phone calls to improve customer journeys and attribute sales and service results to marketing effort and spend.

1:45pm, Elle Bulger, Kenzie Brenna, Jesse Hayman, Kayley Reed & Jenna Jacobson: “Social Media vs. Reality: Staying Grounded in the Digital Space

Social media users continue to get bombarded online with ads, updates and more – so much so, that some users are boycotting social media altogether. Social media users from all walks are under more pressure than ever to live a picture perfect, instagrammable life. On the other hand, social media professionals are under more and more pressure to constantly stay dialed in online.

In this discussion, our panel will explore how brands can prevent social media burnout – and make social media a healthier place for both customers and brands. Our panelists will also explore what social media professionals can do to put their best foot forward in their jobs while maintaining their own mental health.

Moderated by Pinch Social Director and Mental Health Advocate, Elle Bulger.

2:45pm, “Social Media & The Future of Customer Support


3:45pm, Jeremy Singer, Matthew Singer, Sal Patel & Veronica Watson: “Clapback” and the Progression of Brand Tone on Social Media

Some call it “roasting at its finest.” Others call it “playful banter.” Either way, brands are pushing the boundary of a traditional community engagement voice more than ever before though clever conversations with their audience. The strategy is disrupting the industry – but in an age where brand loyalty is important, how do you develop an innovative social tone that isn’t afraid to dish some sass yet also represent customer care?

Moderated by Jeremy Singer

6:00pm, “Keyhole & One Eleven: Roundtable & Networking

Join Keyhole and Social Media Week Toronto at OneEleven, North America’s largest scaleup innovation hub for an unforgettable #SMWTO evening.

Your evening will include IRL networking, good music, social media-infused beer trivia (what could possibly go wrong?!), complimentary snacks and refreshments, and more.







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