What’s Happening: Day Three Nov.15 – BrainStation/BrightLane

What’s Happening: Day Three

Wednesday, Nov.15


9:00-9:40am: Joe Teo

9:45-10:20am: Michelle Pinchev

10:35-11:15am: Chris Stefanyk

11:20-12:00pm: Chris Tait

12:15-12:55pm: Cheli Nolan & Mark Rouse

1:15-1:55pm: Michael Shostak & Krista Webster

2:00-2:40pm: Deb Goldblatt-Sadowski & Casie Stewart

2:55-3:40pm: Alyson Gausby

3:45-4:20pm: Jeff Goldenberg

4:00-6:00pm: Twitter Canada Tour

4:25-5:00:pm Ali Ruffo @ BrightLane

5:00- 7:00 pm: Blake Carter, Christine Faulhaber, Cameron Williamson, Sarah Owens at BrightLane

630-9:30pm:  Dan Fricker, Sunta Sem, Zabrina Hossain, David Schifman at Shopify


9:00am, Joe Teo: The Struggle is Real: Workflow, Process & Collaboration in Social Media

Growing competition from fast-moving tech startups is forcing brands and their agency partners to adopt the same agile methods championed by these new generations of companies. However, many organizations aren’t ready for this new way of working. As a result, they end up creating complicated workflows and confusing processes that hinder collaboration and kill team productivity. In this presentation, we’ll:

  • Explore how high-growth tech startups use collaboration to outmaneuver the competition
  • Highlight the most common challenges organizations face when it comes to collaboration
  • Share some of the tools commonly used to implement a collaboration workflow the right way

9:45am, Michelle Pinchev: How to Make Friends and #ReachPeople

10:35am, Chris Stefanyk: “Power of Storytelling: How Teens Engage in Today’s Social World

Stories are the foundation of all brand messages and entertainment experiences, but in an age where attention spans are diminishing, it is becoming harder and harder to tell those stories and capture the time and attention of teens today. While we know that teens are still engaging with powerful stories, how and where they consume them has transformed and changed. In this session led by Head of Wattpad Brand Partnerships, Chris Stefanyk, you’ll learn about teen engagement with story driven content and how inviting your audience to participate in your storytelling process will help create impactful branded narratives that entertain your fans in the truest sense.

11:20am, Chris Tait: “Generational Change and the Daily Business of Saving the World

The world isn’t going to save itself. In a landscape where marketers are focused on selling cool to youth audiences and mimicking trends, the next generation is building a movement to repair the planet. They’re collaborative, they’re engaged and they’re impatient. How will we give them the tools they need to fix the problems we created for them?

In this session led by Creative Director and Partner at Resonator, Chris Tait, you’ll learn about how we can create experiences that young audiences will not only want to share but that have an impact on our global future. It’s not about selling or telling. It’s about the kids and their revolution – and right now, they have our full attention.

12:15pm, Cheli Nolan & Mark Rouse: “Your Career in Social Media – What Rising Professionals Need to Know

Join us as we sit down with three recruitment experts who know the digital and social media hiring landscape inside out. What are some of the top skills and qualifications employers are looking for in a social media professional? What do we need to know to keep our skills and qualifications sharp? What is the career outlook in this rapidly changing field? We’ll answer these questions and more.

1:15pm, Michael Shostak & Krista Webster: “Building Social Strategies for Brands in Low Conversation Categories

In this session, Chief Marketing Officer for Sonnet Insurance, Michael Shostak, will share how marketing the launch of this innovative new brand turned the category on its head by getting Canadians to ask one question: What’s the best that can happen?

To stand apart from an apathetic category, Sonnet stands for the central human truth of optimism. Where most insurance companies remind you of the worst that can happen, Sonnet considers the moments when you buy insurance to be inherently optimistic: buying a new car or expanding your family into a new home.

With a fully immersive social strategy to compliment their launch, Sonnet’s content stands out against a sea of sameness in the insurance industry and breaks the cycle of apathy.

2:00pm, Deb Goldblatt-Sadowski & Casie Stewart: “Working with Influencers: Then and Now

2017 has been a breakout year for influencer marketing with shifting budgets, making space for brands to work with content creators in new ways. The landscape has developed and changed over the last few years with new government regulations and at the same time being more competitive. In this session, we sit down for a conversation with two pioneers in the digital and social space – rock-it promotions’ Deb Goldblatt-Sadowski and Casie Stewart. With representation from the influencer and the agency side, we’ll look at how to best work with influencers, the power of micro-influencers, the low down on follAlysonowers, disclosure, and how to build lasting relationships.

2:55pm, Alyson Gausby: “The Evolution of TV with Twitter

Be a part of what’s happening on TV. With clear benefits to consumers, broadcasters, and brands alike, everyone wins when Twitter is part of the marketing mix.

There’s nothing like sitting back and immersing yourself in another world. For Canadians, watching the big screen is about routine, relaxation, and unmissable moments — those big events you HAVE to see live, whether that’s the GoT finale (‎#GameOfThrones), the Stanley Cup (‎#StanleyCup) playoffs, or the Oscars flub (‎#Oscars). According to eMarketer, over 9/10 Canadians watch TV in an average week. Even among millennials (who lead the cord-cutting “revolution”), the vast majority watch TV each week.

TV and movies are the number-one interest for Canadian Twitter users, so it makes sense that it’s a significant focus for their Twitter activity. Twitter gives Canadians a better sense of what’s happening in TV land and adds its own unique, complementary benefits to the experience.

Attend this session, featuring Alyson Gausby, head of research at Twitter Canada, to find out how to harness the power of TV and Twitter together to extend the reach, influence and impact of your TV ad buy.

3:45pm, Jeff Goldenberg: “Paid Social Masterclass + Audience Q&A

Attendees will learn how to develop a Facebook ad strategy along with insider tips and best practices from a paid social advertising experts. The majority of this session will be driven by audience q&A, so come prepared with your burning paid social questions!

4:00pm, “#SMWTO Tours: Twitter Canada- A Peek Inside

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at Twitter Canada? No need to travel all the way to silicon valley – Toronto has a thriving social media and tech industry right in our own backyard. SMW Toronto All Access Pass Holders will have the opportunity to pre-register for an exclusive tour of Twitter Canada’s coveted office space.

Note – Tours available at this time on both Wednesday and Thursday.

4:25pm, Ali Ruffo: “Be Adaptable to Change: Knowing When and What to Optimize on Social Media

Ali Ruffo, a key influence in building best-in class marketing plans for iconic brands like Huggies and Kleenex, takes us through a day in the life of a social media manager: from being adaptable to change, agile with content, responsive to the constant change of culture and setting KPI’s you can stick to.

5pm, Blake Carter, Christine Faulhaber, Cameron Williamson Sarah Owens: “Panel & Networking: The Transformation of Multi-Platform Brand Storytelling”

Join us at BrightLane for this panel and networking session hosted by Faulhaber. Wine and refreshments will be served.

There are so many new ways to tell stories online. Much like the history of print, film, radio or television – the Internet has given rise to new means and methods – beyond video.

Now audiences choose how, where and when they connect with content, disrupting the old modes of interactions, distribution and format. Learn how the evolution of storytelling has impacted the media, brands and storytellers and how the platforms themselves are adapting to integrate into a new digital landscape.

From augmented reality to vertical video, this is the conversation on how to pivot and maintain relevancy in a branded multi-platform universe as told by those who have seen and conquered the shift.


6:30pm, Dan Fricker, Sunta Sem, Zabrina Hossain, David Schifman:”Speaker Series and Networking Event, hosted by Shopify”

This a special event hosted by Shopify in partnership with Social Media Week. All Access Pass Holders may attend provided they have registered in advance.

On the evening of November 15, we’re hosting an exclusive Social Media Week event for SMWTO attendees and local Shopify merchants interested in learning how to use social media to power their business. Listen to lightning talks about everything from social advertising to sales channels, and brand building to influencer marketing. A roundtable with all our experts will close out the speaker series, followed by a networking event complete with drinks and light snacks. Look forward to seeing you on the 15th. RSVP soon! Space is limited.



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