2018 Speakers

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Nina Sudra

General Manager, VICE Canada

Ramona Pringle

Director, The Innovation Studio, Ryerson University Faculty of Communication and Design, & Tech Columnist, CBC

Goldie Chan

Top LinkedIn Video Creator

The Sorry Girls

YouTubers Becky Wright & Kelsey MacDermaid

Swish (Manu) Goswami

Speaker | Entrepreneur | CEO/Founder @Trufan

Michael Brito

Executive Vice President, Digital & Technology at ZENO Group

Matt Sutton

Global Brand Marketing Manager at Facebook

Laura Pearce

Head of Consumer Marketing, Twitter Canada

Jeff Lancaster

Head of Agency Partnerships at LinkedIn Canada

Jennifer Hollett

Digital Strategist

Michelle Pinchev

Social Media Strategist, Pinch Social & Executive Producer, Toronto Social Media Week

Bee Quammie

Founder of '83 to Infinity

Josh Lyon

Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Hiku

Hannah Alper

Activist and Blogger

Joe Teo

Chief Executive Officer, Hey Orca

Amanda Marino

Chief of Staff at Herb

Chris Glover

Reporter for CBC Toronto

Laurie Shannon

Icing Artist

Amanda Rach Lee

YouTube Illustrator

Julian Brass

Anxiety Management Expert/ Founder and Former CEO, Notable Life

Peter Hand

Head of Strategy at VIRTUE

Stephanie Kersta

Co-Founder of Hoame

Carolyn Plater

Co-Founder of Hoame

Jason Hsiao

Co-Founder & Chief Video Officer at Animoto

Takara Small

Host and Producer of The Globe and Mail's ``I'll Go First`` Podcast

Aletta Brandle

Social Media Strategy Lead at The Globe and Mail

Dan Misener

Podcast Host and Head of Audience Development at Pacific Content

Elle Bulger

Director of Client Success at Pinch Social & Social Media Week Toronto

Saif Ajani

CEO at Keyhole

Ashlee Froese

Founder of Froese Law

Shirin Movahed

Attorney and Foreign Legal Consultant at Froese Law

Wendy Wei

Social Media Lead at Pexels

Chris Boddy

Inspector at Toronto Police Service

Vanessa Holding

Executive Producer and Co-owner at Arc + Crown Media

Sarah Stockdale

Founder and CEO at Valkerie

Emilia Zboralska

Associate Director, Ryerson’s Transmedia Zone

Anthony Morgan

Science Television Host, Futurist, and Social entrepreneur

Lexie Buchanan

Social Media Office, Art Gallery of Ontario

Daniela Poliszuk

Executive Vice President, Ryerson Marketing Association

Stephanie Kersta

Co-Founder of Hoame

Carolyn Plater

Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Hiku

Sam Laliberte

Host and Founder of The Freedom Lifestyle Podcast

Steve Buors

CEO and Co-Founder of Reshift Media

Michelle Pound

Holistic Healer and Life Coach

Cassidy Thedorf

Hoame Meditation Teacher

Chris Breikss

Founding Partner, Major Tom

Candace Huntly

Founding Partner of Songbird Marketing Communications