Exploring Our Relationship With Social Media at #SMWTO 2018

Another like. Another follower. An unfollow. A negative comment. The pressure to be “perfect” on social media is real and it reflects in the anxiety that we face. One in 4 Canadians will have an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. By the age of 40, one in two Canadians would currently have or had experienced a mental health illness.

At SMWTO, Notable founder and “Anxiety Ownership” expert Julian Brass, who has lived with and learned to thrive with anxiety for over 10 years, will discuss how social media gurus can manage their busy schedules and keep their mental wellness top priority.

His empowering #OwnAnxiety movement is spreading across the world and his closing keynote will give Social Media Week attendees an inspiring and introspective look at how to own anxiety from behind the screen of our device(s) and into every other aspect of our lives.

Continuing with the theme of social media and wellness, we will cap off Social Media Week Toronto at Hoame, Toronto’s stunning new meditation and wellness studio.

We’ll also have an intimate fireside chat with two of Toronto’s leading psychologists Carolyn Plater and Stephanie Kersta, about the impact social media has on our brains and overall health. We will also be discussing science-based strategies that marketers, media and creative professionals can utilize to maintain health and wellness a priority in their lives.

After several full days of cutting-edge social media programming and non-stop social networking, you can’t help but look forward to this opportunity to give yourself a much-needed break.

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