VICE Media Set to Take the Stage at SMWTO 2018

VICE is a media company unlike any other. As the fastest growing media company for youth in the world, VICE Digital has over 24 million unique views a month and truly sets the standards for all digital-first publications.

Naturally, VICE Media is also a leader in the digital space. VICE’s YouTube channel has the highest engagement and watch time across all YouTube original channels. Currently, VICE has 7x times as many content referrals as the average Facebook publisher and earns 55 percent higher engagement per tweet than the average Twitter publisher.


How did a company that started as a magazine achieve scale to such an influential audience? What are the tactics that VICE has used to create such a highly engaged audience over time? How does VICE get past some of the barriers that brands face when their audience stops growing? How do you carry a message, whether it’s branded or not, through a media company’s existing ecosystem?

At SMWTO 2018, Peter Hand, Head of Strategy at VICE, will explore the topic of reaching and connecting with generation Z in a modern media landscape

Additionally, Nina Sudra, General Manager at VICE Canada will share how VICE Canada has excelled at staying relevant and active in culture. Join us as she takes us through the media and content distribution perspective of marketing, and behind the success of VICE Canada and Daily VICE, Canada’s most-watched digital social show.

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