What’s Happening at Day Two of SMWTO 2018


9:00 – 9:35 AM: Life in Vertical – How Stories is eating the Newsfeed
9:35 – 10:15 AM: The Globe and Mail – How to Diversify your Social Strategy
10:30 – 11:15 AM: Swish Goswami – Engaging your True Fans
11:15  – 12:00 PM: Ramona Pringle – Escaping the Dystopia
1:00 – 2:00 PM: DIY Stars – YouTube creators “The Sorry Girls” Amanda Rach Lee & The Icing Artist
3:00 – 3:25 PM: From Metrics to Action – Foolproof ways to grow engagement
3:25 – 4:05 PM: Julian Brass – Own your anxiety from the screen to the world
6:00– 8:30 PM: The Power of a Podcast

Program Information

9:00 AM: Life in Vertical – How “Stories” is Eating the Newsfeed

Ever since Snapchat pioneered the format of “Stories” and its mainstream adoption via Instagram, we are seeing stories eating the newsfeed! Joe Teo, Co-Founder, and CEO of HeyOrca shares insights on why “Stories” is not just another format but the future of social media marketing. More than ever brands are interacting with their audience and telling engaging stories.

In this session, we will be covering:

  • Why stories matter
  • Showcase tactical tips and tricks to help you be the “Stories” expert that your brand needs you to be

9:35 AM: The Globe and Mail – How to Diversify Your Social Strategy

Ask any investment advisor and you will find “Diversify” as the golden mantra. But does that formula work with a social media strategy? Pretend for a minute that Facebook didn’t exist. Where would advertisers spend those unused ad dollars?  The obvious options include Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But don’t stop there. What about Pinterest? Reddit? WhatsApp? Introducing three platforms you might not think about incorporating into your social media strategy.

Join this session with Sean Stanleigh, Head of Globe Content Studio and Aletta Brandle, Social Media Strategist at The Globe Content Studio Discover why Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Reddit are three social–media platforms you should be thinking more about. You have options.

10:30 AM: Swish Goswami – Engaging Your True Fans 

Manu “Swish” Goswami is not like any other ordinary 20-year-olds. Goswami, featured in lists like Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 & Young Entrepreneur of the Year is also a  UN Youth Ambassador, TEDx Speaker, Venture Capitalist, and all-around Social Media Guru. He shares interesting insights on customer loyalty and how brands can activate the upper crust of their audience.

In Goswami’s talk, you’ll learn:

  • How tools like Dovetale, Superphone, and Trufan can help your business
  • Why LinkedIn is in the midst of a revival yet how is it relevant amongst millennials and Get Z?

11:15 AM: Ramona Pringle – Escaping the Dystopia

Remember the “early years” of social media, when new tools promised to help us become better versions of ourselves, connect with friends and relatives around the globe, and build our knowledge?

When it comes to our relationship to social media, we have passed a tipping point into the dystopian future, without ever having really noticed it happening, or consenting to it in a truly informed way. That has implications for tech companies, for users, and for marketers.

So, what’s the path forward? Is there a way out? Ramona Pringle Associate Professor in the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University, and Director of The Innovation Studio shares what we can anticipate in the next ten years and take back control over our information –our attention – to shape the future we want.

1:00 PM: DIY Stars – YouTube creators “The Sorry Girls” Amanda Rach Lee & The Icing Artist

Hear from some of Toronto’s TOP YouTube influencers and creators as we explore the vast and curious niche of YouTube. These self-made YouTube stars have leveraged video as a powerful medium to inspire and empower their MILLIONS of subscribers around the world. You will hear:

  • How to grow an audience, what kind of content performs best and how brands and marketers can work with creators to reach niche and highly targeted audiences.
  • How they grew and nurtured their following and what creating, and publishing content has taught them.
  • We’ll also chat about other weird and wonderful emerging YouTube trends like “egg unboxing”, ASMR and the wonderful world of slime – as these video trends gain traction, why should creators and marketers alike take note.

3:00 PM:  From Metrics to Action – Foolproof Ways to Grow Engagement

They say the numbers don’t lie. So how did our social media campaign go? How did our Influencer Marketing perform during our last event or latest campaign? How many people did they reach? How much engagement did we get overall on last month’s campaign?

These questions are so familiar to all of us that it is sometimes wise to take a step back and analyze what’s important in terms of metrics?

What do we really care about measuring and growing? Engagement?

Saif Ajnani will talk about how to properly measure Engagement. Saif has guided the development of Keyhole into a product trusted by thousands of social media professionals throughout the world he will cover some other metrics that would need your attention from time to time, and how to use and abuse data to turn insights into actions and grow your engagement.

3:25 PM: Julian Brass – Own Your Anxiety From The Screen to the World

Another like. Another follower. An unfollow. A negative comment. The pressure to be “perfect” on social media. The anxiety that we face. There is an epidemic right under our nose that is being ignored, overlooked, and often overprescribed. What if the solution to what so many people feel is their plague is actually their superpower? What if anxiety is your greatest gift? And, what if all this time the vast majority of us “sufferers” simply don’t have the tools to take anxiety from debilitative to facilitative?

As someone who has lived with (and learned to thrived with!) anxiety for over 10 years, Julian Brass, (Founder, Former CEO and creator of Notable Life and the Notable Awards, author of soon-to-release 99 Ways to Own Anxiety), is on a mission to spread the message that anxiety is a gift that can be owned. His empowering #OwnAnxiety movement is spreading across the world and will give Social Media Week attendees an inspiring and introspective look at how to own anxiety from behind the screen of our device(s) and into every other aspect of our lives. Expect not only to redefine your relationship with anxiety but to learn actual tools that you can keep with you for the rest of your life at this closing keynote.

6:00 PM: The Power of a Podcast and Its Fit For Your Brand 

As podcast audiences continue to rise, more brands and marketers have taken their content into the ears of fans everywhere. Podcasts can open unlimited doors but how big of an opportunity do we have with podcasting and does it make sense for your business? Podcasting is a simple medium to learn and can easily be incorporated into your brand’s content marketing efforts. Plus, Canadian podcast listeners are known to be incredibly loyal and dedicated to the content that they’re tuning into.

Moderated by Sam Laliberte, The Power of the Podcast at Social Media Week Toronto will highlight topics including:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Podcast Audience Development
  • Understanding this New Wave of Buying Attention
  • Podcast Gear: What You Should and Shouldn’t Invest In
  • The In’s And Out’s of Podcast Monetization
  • The Power of Podcasts for Brands


Sam Laliberte, Host of the Freedom Lifestyle Podcast


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