6 Key Takeaways You’ll Learn at SMWTO

1) How to Diversify Your Social Strategy

Chances are your social strategy includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Snapchat. But when it comes to social media marketing, diversification is key.

The Globe Content Studio’s Social Media Strategist, Aletta Brandle, will discuss why Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Reddit are three social–media platforms you should be thinking more about. Learn more here.

2) How Video is Changing Everything

In the ever-evolving world of video marketing, there are three key strategies successful business owners and video marketers swear by. In a video first world, we’ve created a roadmap that fosters creativity, connection, and community.

In this presentation, Jason Hsiao, the Co-founder, and Chief Video officer of Animoto cuts to the chase and will show you exactly what methods lead to success in video today. Learn more here.

3) How to Deliver Tangible Results Using Facebook and Instagram

In many cases, digital campaigns are set up to drive “activity” metrics like impressions, clicks, and click-through-rates instead of doing what they are supposed to – which is to drive sales!

During this session, Steve Buors, CEO and Co-Founder of Reshift Media, will share learnings from Reshift Media’s experience with more than 200 brands in 20 countries to show you how you can connect social media marketing to real-world store traffic and revenue generation. Learn more here.

4) How to Win at Social Media with Mobile Photography

It’s more important than ever for every brand, whether personal or professional, to establish a captivating presence on social media.  Photography plays a big role in that.

In this workshop, Wendy Wei, the social media lead at Pexels, will share how the brand has grown their Instagram following by 400% in the past few months. Plus, Wei will share the tips and tricks on how you can create incredible content just by using your phone. Learn more here.

5)  How to Reach Generation Z

Brands and marketing agencies are finding it harder to reach increasingly disillusioned customers. As digital natives, marketing to Generation Z requires new, creative marketing strategies that haven’t been used before.

Join Peter Hand, Head of Strategy at VIRTUE (VICE) as we explore the topic of reaching and connecting with generation Z in a modern media landscape. Learn more here.

6)  How to Launch a Legally Complaint Social Media Campaign

The Canadian government recently issued an Intellectual Property Strategy, wherein it recognized that in Canada only 10% of small and medium-sized businesses own intellectual property and only 9% have intellectual property strategies.

Presented by Ashlee Froese, a Toronto-based branding and fashion lawyer and trademark agent, who founded Froese Law, this legal seminar will lead attendees through how to create an IP strategy and will delve deeper into how to create, protect and commercialize a robust brand in the online marketplace. Learn more here.

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