What’s Happening at Day Three of SMWTO 2019

Social Media Week is just days away and we’re thrilled to welcome everyone to the 4th annual SMWTO! Here’s what to expect from Day 3:


9:00 am | Big Impact, Small Budget: Do More with Less
9:45 am | The World Is Young: Capturing the Attention of Today’s Youth
10:20am | Break: Networking + Recharge
10:35 am | Authentic Brand Storytelling: A Conversation with Hershey Canada
11:00 am | Newsgramming: Delivering the Headlines via Instagram
11:40 am | This is Your Brain on Social Media

12:15 pm | Lunch

1:00 pm | Reaching Your Audience… Despite the Algorithms
1:45 pm |Create for Impact – AR(e) You Paying Attention?
2:20 pm | Delivering Real Business Outcomes with Paid Social
3:00pm | Break: Networking + Recharge
3:15 pm | Deepfake, Data and Robots, Oh My: The Future of AI & Social Media
4:00 pm | Esports. The Rise of a New Generation of Sports Fans

6:30 pm | Paid Social in 2020: What Marketers Need to Know [All Access Exclusive; Limited Space – RSVP Only]

Session Details

Big Impact, Small Budget: Do More with Less
Learn how not-for-profit/charity organizations use organic strategies and best practices for social media marketing to raise awareness, generate engagement and drive change–on smaller budgets than many businesses. This panel discussion features guests from education, environmental, arts and health-focused organizations, with perspectives from small Toronto-based to national with operations across all provinces and territories in Canada.

Amy Davies:
The World Is Young: Capturing the Attention of Today’s Youth
Future-proof your business with insights from the world’s largest independent youth media company on how shifting world values are affecting spaces such as the workplace and purchasing trends- and how media and brands play a starring role in this shift. Learn how VICE is actioning these insights and building capabilities for the media company of the future.

Mathieu Gamache:
Authentic Brand Storytelling: A Conversation with Hershey Canada
In an ever more complex media environment, it is getting increasingly more challenging for advertisers to breakthrough. Consumers are bombarded with over 4,000 ads every day and their attention span has gone down from 12 sec in 2000 to 8 sec today.

It has never been more important for brands to be relevant and to connect with consumers in an authentic way. We can no longer afford to think about advertising as an interruption or a forced view. We have to raise the bar to becoming a net contributor to consumers’ media consumption.

For Hershey’s Marketing team, it meant setting foot in uncomfortable territories and letting go of certain well-established expectations from conventional advertising strategies.

Victoria Valido:
Newsgramming: Delivering the Headlines via Instagram
We know you’re looking to Instagram to find your news. Toronto is a competitive market with constant breaking news and major investigations — so we can’t ignore the potential reach our stories can have on social. Whether it’s through IG stories or IGTV, CBC Toronto’s social media team will take you through how they tackle the headlines and serve it to its Instagram audience.

Hoame: This Is Your Brain on Social Media
As social media marketers, influencers, media, and consumers, we’re on our feeds day in and day out. How does “feed culture” impact our minds – in terms of focus, concentration, memory and overall mental performance? What is the impact of social media on sleep quality? And how is all that FOMO and constant stream of carefully curated (often inaccurate) picture-perfect lifestyle imagery impact our mood and our self-esteem?

In this session, we’ll sit down with Hoame and Ease Inc. co-founder, Stephanie Kersta and Sacred Breathwork facilitator, Brandon Wong, to talk about the impact of social media on our minds and mental health, as we explore evidence-based strategies to minimize the negative effects and restore our moods and mental performance.

Reaching Your Audience… Despite the Algorithms
A decade ago, social media platforms were poised to revolutionize content dissemination, and level the playing field so that anyone, anywhere could build an audience and reach their fans. But a lot has changed. In fact, the algorithms that power these platforms seem to be changing on an almost weekly basis, making it impossible for creators to keep up, and expensive to reach the very people who want to hear from them. From YouTubers, to marketers, to independent brands, this panel looks at the challenges in today’s online marketplace and who’s doing what when it comes to building new, direct to consumer pathways. Kicked off by a diverse expert panel, this interactive session invites audience members to share their war stories and strategies for success in reaching audiences… even when algorithms make it increasingly difficult to do so. All of the expert and user-generated tips from this session will be compiled into a helpful take digital take away.

Matt Shore:
Create for Impact – AR(e) You Paying Attention?
Increasingly, we’re told consumers’ time and attention are diminishing commodities. Against this background, AR has emerged as a high attention and high intent space, where high-craft experiences are changing the way brands tell stories and drive performance on mobile. This session will inspire and explore how to design objective-based AR experiences that drive impactful business results.

Paul Van Winssen:
Delivering Real Business Outcomes with Paid Social Media
Paid social sits at the intersection of marketing, advertising, and technology. Advances in technology (particularly in data and measurement) are creating revolutionary opportunities in paid social for business, brands, and for everyone here as marketers. As a long-standing Canadian advertising partner with most major paid social platforms, we’ll be sharing our insight into the evolution of the paid social industry to where it is today. We’ll specifically focus on new opportunities to measure and optimize towards real business outcomes in an omnichannel world and how that creates both accountability and opportunity for marketers.

Panel: Deepfake, Data and Robots, Oh My: The Future of AI & Social Media
If you’re expecting AI to arrive with fanfare, you’re looking at it the wrong way because it’s already here. Whether it’s recommendations from search, natural language generation, the Internet of Things, or deepfake videos, we’re interacting with AI all the time. How can you use these new technologies effectively in your practice? What are some of the ethical considerations? How can the explosion of data lead to new metrics and KPIs? Dr. Alex Sevigny and Martin Waxman will explore artificial intelligence, deep learning, and the rise of the smart machine in this lively and informative session.

Mike Armstrong:
Esports. The Rise of a New Generation of Sports Fans
Today there are more gamers amongst the coveted Gen Z and Millennial generations than traditional sport fans. Gaming has become such an integral part of the lives of this audience that esports now has risen to gain unprecedented popularity.

This talk will debunk common myths associated with gamers and esports fans, dive into understanding the fandom behind esports, showcase the opportunity for marketers as well as pitfalls when looking to connect with this growingly hard to reach and hard to impress young audience.

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