What’s Happening at Day Two of SMWTO 2019

Social Media Week is just days away and we’re thrilled to welcome everyone to the 4th annual SMWTO! Here’s what to expect from Day 2: 


9:00am | Vulnerability and Vision in The Age of Social Media
9:20am | AI and Social Media: How We are No Longer in Control
10:15am | Break: Networking + Meet Steven Bartlett
10:30am | Community First with Socialbakers & Cossette
11:00am | Think Forward 2020: The Social Trends Brands Need to Know
11:30am | Panel: Challenge Accepted: Engagement Strategies that Drive ROI

12:10pm – Lunch

1:15pm | Twitter Canada: Win Big With Launches
2:00pm | Stop advertising. Start inspiring
2:30pm | The Power of Inclusion: From Sikh to Superfan
3:10pm | Break: Meet Superfan
3:30pm | The Pros Guide to TikTok: A New Era of Video Marketing
4:15pm | The Appeal of the Real: From Online to Offline (and back again!)

Session Details

Eva Redpath: Vulnerability and Vision in The Age of Social Media
Over the past six years recognized health and fitness industry leader Eva Redpath has gone through a transition of transforming bodies to transforming minds often very publicly on the pages of magazines and through her own social media channels. Through her journey of finding her own vulnerability behind the scenes, she’s uncovered a deeper life’s purpose. Eva will chat about reconciling her role as an inspirational public figure while moving through the journey of finding her truth and her voice. It takes resilience, resourcefulness and a relentless pursuit of our dreams to bring our vision to life.

Steven Bartlett:
AI and Social Media: How We are No Longer in Control
Artificial Intelligence is bridging the gap between science and execution and there are more ways than ever to integrate AI into marketing and social media campaigns. But what happens when we are no longer in control? Whether you like it or not, AI is coming for your job.  Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain will discuss how to avoid this threat and maneuver its power to your advantage. He will help attendees learn how to use AI to understand competitors’ movements, personalise campaigns, and utilise this exponential revolution to generate the best digital influencer campaigns in the industry. In a world where strategies are content-led, Bartlett will show how to optimize the production of content to incorporate the consistent, pioneering changes within the digital world.

Brody Jones & Youri Hollier:
Community First with Socialbakers & Cossette
Hear from Socialbakers‘ leading Enterprise Account Executive and Toronto local, Brody Jones, joined by Group Director of Content, Youri Hollier, from top Canadian agency Cossette. Social media can feel overwhelming for marketers. During this session, Brody will dive into the state of social today and how to keep your strategy simple and data-driven with examples of effective campaigns from Youri. By streamlining processes and letting data guide your creative, the pair aims to help take the guesswork out of the equation without sacrificing authenticity.

Coby Shuman:
Think Forward 2020: The Social Trends Brands Need to Know
An exclusive preview of Think Forward 2020 – the latest edition of the We Are Social annual global trends report, comprised of the platform innovations, social motivations and cultural trends set to shape society and advertising.

During his talk, Coby will present an overview of the report’s findings, along with the key learnings for brands and marketers, before opening the discussion to a panel of Challenger brands from across Canada.

Challenge Accepted: Engagement Strategies that Drive ROI 
In this panel session, we sit down with three incredible Canadian brands that are challenging and disrupting their respective industries: Endy, Knix and Mejuri.

All three act as shining examples of brands that leveraged social media to develop and deepen relationships with customers.

Whether through influencer/ambassador relations, mission-based campaigns or innovative community management, all three brands have done an exceptional job of connecting with their audiences and customers in a way that has driven transformative business results.

Michelle Slater: Twitter Canada: Win Big With Launches
Whether it’s a brand, product, feature, message or promotion, the way you enter the market matters. Successful launching now requires a new mentality from marketers. You must have the confidence to go big on your launch, or risk long-term failure. This session will unveil new research, discuss the elements every brand needs for a successful launch, and explore how launch best practices vary by brand and category – brought to life by new research and brands that activated successful launches using these winning strategies.

Azadeh Attar: Stop Advertising: Start Inspiring
The best ads do more than help customers decide what to buy. They help customers decide who to be. As our industry focuses on intent and the bottom of the funnel, we’re forgetting about the magic of deciding. Inspired ads can help people turn their dreams into decisions. Join Pinterest to learn how the most effective ads don’t interrupt—they inspire.

Nav Bhatia:
The Power of Inclusion: From Sikh to Superfan
This past year, the Toronto Raptors’ incredible run to their first-ever NBA championship dominated our hearts, minds, and feeds – not just in Toronto, but across the country – and even around the world. Many of us jumped on the bandwagon, but one “Superfan,” Nav Bhatia, hasn’t missed a game for the entire existence of the franchise – that’s every game for 24 years.

As all of us were gripped by Raptors fever, Superfan Nav Bhatia became a phenomenon both courtside and online, grabbing the attention of fans and brands alike, and forcing all of us as marketers to rethink what it means to be a true influencer. All of this has most recently earned him a nomination for the E! People’s Choice Award for “Most Hype Worthy Canadian of 2019.”

Nav will join us on stage for a live conversation about The Power of Inclusion: from Sikh to Superfan.

The Pros Guide to TikTok: A New Era of Video Marketing
TikTok has quickly become a global phenomenon and continues to take off. With content, reach and approach that’s challenging the status quo, TikTok is disrupting the content and marketing industry as we know it. Come learn how to leverage the platform and hear new marketing approaches that resonate with the next generation.

Through videos, campaign examples, and lively conversations, TikTok brings together a panel of pros to discuss how to make an impact on TikTok. The panel will take a peek inside this emerging video platform, discuss how a new generation is disrupting content and entertainment, and explore opportunities for brands to join in the conversation.

The Appeal of the Real: From Online to Offline (and back again!)
Moderated by Ramona Pringle (director of Ryerson’s Creative Innovation Studio and CBC Tech Columnist) this panel dives deep into the gold rush of pop up experiences and real-world venues that are inspired by the magic of the online world. From the Museum of Ice Cream, which set off an explosion of Instagrammable destinations, to escape rooms (the fastest growing form of entertainment), to the experiential design of the Apple Store being billed as the future of retail, we look at how online and offline have blurred, why “IRL” is having its resurgence, and offer practical tips on how brands, creators and even public institutions can leverage offline spaces to build their online following, expand their audiences and reach new customers.

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