5G: How to Prepare for a Richer Social Web

Keynote Presentations
Nov 12, 2019 11:15 AM
Hosted By The Globe and Mail
Glenn Gould Studio | 250 Front St W

Mobile technology has been an engine of change for media marketing and content distribution. Consumers are looking for more flexibility in how they access that content and media. With the continuous demand for faster load times, especially when it comes to video and augmented-reality executions, companies will be quick to compete for improved wireless opportunities presented by the coming introduction of 5G networks. With faster connections and download speeds, how will the landscape of social media marketing change? What do you need to do to prepare? How will location data improve and be utilized? Globe Content Studio’s social media and influencer strategist, Melissa Mendes, will discuss why marketers need to start taking a closer look at how 5G will impact their work. With an introduction from Sean Stanleigh, head of Globe Content Studio.

Melissa Mendes | Social Media and Influencer Strategist, Content Studio at The Globe and Mail

Social media and influencer marketing have changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Melissa Mendes, social media and influencer strategist for Globe Content Studio, creates unique opportunities for brands to partner with The Globe and Mail on these platforms and reach new audiences. Melissa shares engaging content through hyper-targeted social ad campaigns and partnerships with Canadian influencers. Before joining The Globe, she worked in the Marketing and Strategic Initiatives department at the University of Waterloo, as lead social media co-ordinator. She has developed social strategies on a national scale and successfully executed the first influencer campaign at the University of Waterloo. Through the use of social media, she has meticulously crafted an online presence and brand that is popular, well received and consistent.