Becoming Carrie Dragshaw: Social Media Lessons from an Accidental Drag Queen – Moderated by blogTO’s Deepa Prashad

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Nov 12, 2019 2:15 PM
Hosted By Pinch Social
Glenn Gould Studio | 250 Front St W

Dan Clay had no aspirations for internet acclaim when he dressed up as Carrie Bradshaw for Halloween. But when his picture went viral, he took it as an opportunity to stare down some of his deepest-held insecurities and create a little corner of the internet that was only positivity and love. Join Dan as he discusses what he learned personally and professionally on that journey toward authenticity, and take away key lessons in how to build a social media brand that’s fun and meaningful to follow.

Carrie Dragshaw | “Fashion Influencer of the Year” (Shorty Awards) | Writer, Drag Queen, Consultant

“Carrie Dragshaw” is a drag persona created by Dan Clay which recreates outfits and scenes from Sex and the City and uses Instagram captions to modernize the voice of an iconic character, imbuing her with self-confidence, relentless positivity, an open worldview, unapologetic ambition, and an unflappable belief in the power of love. Carrie Dragshaw has one simple mission: To create a little corner of the internet that is only positivity and love.

Carrie Dragshaw started as a simple Halloween costume. Her debut received a lot of love on Instagram, so Dan decided to keep the fun alive by posting more pictures, each with an original “couldn’t-help-but-wonder” monologue. He’s now connected to about 120,000 followers, has appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Sarah Jessica Parker, and he’s been profiled in dozens of international publications, including The L.A. Times, The New York Times, Us Weekly, New York Post, and Cosmopolitan. In May, he won a Shorty Award for “Fashion Influencer of the Year.” Dan’s TED Talk on authenticity in the workplace features Dan alongside “Carrie” and tells the story of how embracing his full self has unexpectedly helped Dan’s professional life.

By day, Dan is a partner at Lippincott, a New York-based brand and innovation consultancy. He went to Northwestern University where he majored in Philosophy, and received an MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania.

Session Moderator

Deepa Prashad 2019 Speaker SMWTO Blog TODeepa Prashad | TV Host at The Family Channel & Video Host at blogTO

Deepa Prashad is a video host in Toronto, at the age of 23, she’s been hosting for 5 years already. First, she became the Host of the Family Channel when she was in her first year of university, and she’s loving every minute of it! She has always been fascinated by the entertainment industry and with this job, she gets to interview the cast of movies.

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