Community First with Socialbakers & Cossette

Keynote Presentations
Nov 13, 2019 10:30 AM
Hosted By Socialbakers
Glenn Gould Studio | 250 Front St W

Hear from Socialbakers‘ leading Enterprise Account Executive and Toronto local, Brody Jones, joined by Group Director of Content, Youri Hollier, from top Canadian agency Cossette. Social media can feel overwhelming for marketers. During this session, Brody will dive into the state of social today and how to keep your strategy simple and data-driven with examples of effective campaigns from Youri. By streamlining processes and letting data guide your creative, the pair aims to help take the guesswork out of the equation without sacrificing authenticity.

Brody Jones | Enterprise Account Executive at Socialbakers

Brody Jones joined Socialbakers as the company’s first-ever, Toronto-based Account Executive in early 2019. With his extensive experience in marketing and the SaaS industry, Brody brought valuable insight to the table on customer relationship management, email marketing and more. Prior to his time at Socialbakers, Brody led client strategy across Meltwater’s Canadian portfolio. Brody graduated from The University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce, special focus on Marketing. He continues to accelerate the success of Socialbakers North America by contributing to the expansion of the company’s presence across the region and developing partnerships with major brands and agencies.



Youri Hollier | Group Director of Content at Cossette

Youri Hollier is Cossette’s Director of Content for McDonald’s Canada. With over a decade in the content and social space, he’s worked both on the client and agency sides of the industry. And while he has seen the landscape change tremendously over the years, one thing has never changed: his commitment to a community-driven social approach.