The World Is Young: Capturing the Attention of Today’s Youth

Keynote Presentations
Nov 14, 2019 9:45 AM
Hosted By VICE Canada
HQ | 110 Bond St
Future-proof your business with insights from the world’s largest independent youth media company on how shifting world values are affecting spaces such as the workplace and purchasing trends- and how media and brands play a starring role in this shift. Learn how VICE is actioning these insights and building capabilities for the media company of the future.


Amy Davies | Vice President, Client Strategy & Creative at VICE Canada

Amy Davies is Vice President, Client Strategy & Creative, Canada at VICE, the world’s largest independent youth media company. Amy’s mandate is to connect brands with the VICE audience and ecosystem with a focus on the intersection of data, creative and media through the lens of culture.

Amy oversees a range of services within VICE’s commercial business in Canada including insights and intelligence and content-driven partnerships. She is always hunting for new ways to bring campaigns to life.