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Nov 14 Wednesday

DIY Stars: YouTube Creators “The Sorry Girls,” Amanda Rach Lee & The Icing Artist

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Hosted By Arc and Crown Media
Glenn Gould Studio

Hear from some of Toronto’s TOP YouTube influencers and creators as we explore the vast and curious world of niche of YouTube channels. These self-made YouTube stars have leveraged video as a powerful medium to inspire and empower their MILLIONS of subscribers around the world.

These Youtube stars will hare key insights about growing an audience, what kind of content performs best and how brands and marketers can work with creators to reach niche and highly targeted audiences.

Hear about how they grew and nurtured their following and what creating and publishing content has taught them.

We’ll also chat about other weird and wonderful emerging YouTube trends like “egg unboxing”, ASMR and the wonderful world of slime – as these video trends gain traction, why should creators and marketers alike take note?

About The Sorry Girls

The Sorry Girls are two twenty-something best friends adored by millions as they make photo and video content featuring home decor, DIY, and design.

Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid started their creative journey together in 2010 when they met at university and dubbed themselves as The Sorry Girls for their new trailblazing YouTube channel. The name came about as a play on the stereotypical Canadian saying “sorry” way too frequently. They started their YouTube channel to teach young women like themselves how to make cute and unique Halloween costumes on a budget. They didn’t know what their channel would be or where it would go when they started, but it has turned into a creative, inspiring, and money-saving lifestyle that they are thrilled to help others lead.

About Amanda Rach Lee

Amanda Lee is a 20-year-old Artist and YouTuber from Toronto, Canada. In 2013, She launched her YouTube channel, youtube.com/AmandaRachLee, where she teaches people to embrace art & creativity through doodling, journaling, and calligraphy. Since launching her channel, she has gained 1 million subscribers and 40 million channel views.

About Icing Artist

Laurie Shannon is a self-taught cake decorator and the star of The Icing Artist, one of the fastest growing food based YouTube channels in the world!

With a knowledge and style of cake decorating inspired by her inner foodie, Laurie creates mesmerizing desserts in a way that is achievable by even a novice home baker! Constantly reinventing cakes and playing off (and poking fun at!) trends, there is always something new and exciting on The Icing Artist! Before YouTube, Laurie went to school to be a licensed cabinet maker to later decide she’d rather build cakes then cabinets!

After working at a few local bakeries, she took the knowledge and experience to YouTube. Thus, The Icing Artist was born! Five years later, she has half a billion global views, over 3 million followers across social media and was one of this year’s nominees for a Streamy award!

About Vanessa Holding

From a young age Vanessa has been behind the scenes on film and television sets. Her passion for video production was further developed at the University of Toronto’s Communication, Culture & Information Technology program where she graduated with high distinction. Equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, only several years out of school, Vanessa and her business partner started Arc + Crown Media to service clients who understand the power of video. She excels in finding solutions to her clients needs by harnessing moving pictures to get important messages across to their target audience.


November 14, 2018
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Glenn Gould Studio
250 Front St W
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3G5 Canada


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